Hearing issues and communication disorders are hard to see, but devastating in their impact on a child’s development. Socially, a child needs to be able to communicate to build relationships with family and the outside world from birth, but hearing loss degrades this critical communication.

Educationally, a child needs to build the groundwork of language ability by age 3, but hearing issues can cause major delays in academic skills such as reading and math that can affect their achievements forever. These problems can be prevented with specialized early education , and Happy Hands is the only full time source available for these precious children.

Happy Hands has created hope and bright futures for an entire generation of children who are deaf, hard of hearing or have communication disorders for over 20 years in northeast Oklahoma.  See if we can help your child, too.

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Happy Hands does not endorse any of the websites or information provided on the following links.  Information is presented only for informational purposes for parents, educators, professionals and other interested parties.

Gallaudet University On line resources from Kids World Deaf Net link
Cochlear Implants, Sign Language, etc., – Navigating a Forest of Information… One Tree at a Time.

Baby Sign Language – Dr. Kimberly Whaley 

Joseph Garcia – Researcher and Author- Baby Signs

Research on Signing with Babies – Ohio State University

Benefits of Sign Language
for hearing children and children with other disabilities

Resource for Age’s Zero to Three  –
Promotes the healthy development of infants and toddlers by supporting and strengthening families and communities.

Tulsa Community College-Interpreter Education Program– for parents interested in taking ASL 1 and Deaf Culture classes to learn more about communicating through sign language and learning about the Deaf Culture.

Hands and Voices
A parent-driven, non-profit organization that was formed to serve other families without a bias around communication modes or methodology.

American Society for Deaf Children

Oklahoma School for the Deaf – Located in Sulpher, Oklahoma

TSHA – Total Source for Hearing-loss and Access -Great source for an interpreter, to take sign language classes, or for deaf adaptive equipment. – purchase any book or other products from and HAPPY HANDS will receive a percentage of all purchases made.

Visit the Signing Time Online Dictionary!


 “Sign Language Helps all Children in Early Years Learning” – In this article by SL First Magazine, 30 years of research has consistently shown the benefits of sign language for children’s early years of learning.

Supporting Students with Hearing Impairments: Tools, Technology and Key Resources to Cultivate Academic Success – Students with hearing disabilities face unique challenges inside the classroom. Many common learning modes that people take for granted — lectures, discussion groups and even one-on-one conversations — can be a struggle for those who have any level of hearing difficulty. However, that doesn’t mean a college degree is out of reach. Today’s wide range of tools, devices and systems can help students with hearing impairments thrive in an educational setting. This guide focuses on those resources, tech tools and expert tips that students of all ages — and all impairment levels – can use achieve academic success.

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